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About Us

Welcom to Herencia Jewerly!

Historical review
Herencia Joyeros, was born from an idea of ​​a young entrepreneur and a designer of jeweler with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, to make high-end jewelry at a more affordable price, but without losing the glamor of a jewel.

In 2020, Herencia Joyeros was born, a company dedicated to the production of high-end jewelry in 925 silver, 14k gold and diamonds. Its main pillar is added value through the focus on exclusive design and finished product quality, under the concept of the Herencia Joyeros brand positioned nationally.

This company, through its exclusive pieces, manages to support a lifestyle where beauty, originality and fashion are a fundamental part of the ideal female and male experience.

It offers jewels of design, creativity and innovation and in the same way it guarantees that each one of the processes developed is under the highest quality standards at the hand of cutting-edge technologies and with skilled labor


Manufacture and market high quality jewelry through the Herencia Joyeros brand, offering design and innovation and generating value in each of our clients and collaborators, making each person who wears our jewelry feel elegant, empowered and special.

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